Marine mammals can suffer from boredom just as humans. Without mental stimulation, these animals become difficult to train and their quality of life is diminished.
Some institutions cobble materials together to create toys for the animals to play with. The problem with doing this is that trainers don’t know how the animal will react to these toys or even if they will stand up to normal animal behaviors. With animal trainers schedules being chaotic as they are, there is little time for someone to observe the animal’s reaction to the toys. This makes it difficult to introduce new items into the animal’s environment. Meridian Sub Tek now offers tested Enrichment Toys that will require little observation when added to the animal’s environment.
Our Enrichment Toys will enhance mental stimulation to any animal that interacts with them. Each toy combines mental stimulation and animal safety into one convenient package. A great deal of research and development has gone into each item to ensure that there isn’t the possibility of accidental injury, ingestion or disintegration during use. All of our Enrichment Toys designs are safe for animal interaction and are durable to withstand normal animal behaviors.
As with all of our offered items, we can customize and design a toy that is perfect for your application.
Made with 100% Mammal Safe Durable Materials
22" Floating Sea Stars

Our most popular toy!

Made with 100% mammal Safe durable materials. Sea Star Extension and Ring also available.

Colors available: Blue, Red, Green, Black


Horseshoe shape float with handle that connects both ends.

Lengths of Jellyfish range from 48" to 84".

Floating Kelp Curtain

Similar in construction to the Jellyfish, but a straight wall of imitation kelp 48” high.

Lengths range from 48"-84". Available in colors green, red, blue and black.