Rebuilding/Refurbishing of Non-SubTek Equipment
If your current equipment is old and wore out, we can rebuild it to like new condition. You can even select the color you want the new finish to be! From fittings and valves to motors and buoyancy foam—we can refurbish and add years to the life of your current system!
5 Micron High Capacity Filters
These filters are designed to increase pump and motor life of your system. Typically, these filters should be changed every 6 months. If regular backwashing is a practiced measure, the life of these filters can extend to 1 year.
Hydraulic Hoses
SubTek supplies the highest quality high pressure hose available. Standard Pressure Washer Hoses can damage your scrubber. We start with Parker thermoplastic hose that contains no steel reinforcing and crimp on stainless steel fittings. Please note that standard pressure washer hoses are not compatible with water hydraulic motors. Our standard lengths are 50’ and 100’. Longer lengths are available upon request. All hoses are supplied with stainless steel quick disconnect fittings.
Quick Disconnects
Stainless steel quick disconnects used for all supply and return hoses make changing systems easy and, of course, quick.
In-Line Strainer
Used on scrubbers and spray guns, the in-line strainer should be replaced every 12 months (every 6 months under heavy use) to ensure a strong running system.
Silicone "Food Grade" Lubricant
Don’t accept anything less for the health and safety of your marine mammals! This organic material is used to lubricate parts on our systems for proper maintenance. Using this will ensure absolutely no contamination of the mammal’s habitat.  
If your water hydraulic motors on your equipment fail, we have direct replacement parts to get you back up and running again in no time. Our motors are the same as what you currently have on your equipment but at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Difficulties in buoyancy on your current equipment? We have buoyancy kits available that maintain the same equipment buoyancy at the bottom as at the surface.

No more inflating and deflating air bladders!