Over 10 years ago a group of marine mammal divers who were also engineers, started Meridian SubTek. At SubTek we incorporate the latest mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technology to create the safest to use diver operated underwater cleaning equipment. Diver safety, ergonomics, function, protection of aquarium biology and display surfaces is our primary design criteria. At SubTek we are good listeners, we enjoy traveling to various aquariums, zoos and trade shows just to listen to our customers needs. Based on customer input, we design tools and brushes to meet the demands of modern zoos and aquariums.

Our state of the art facility houses our design and engineering staff, fabrication, assembly and brush manufacturing departments. In addition to manufacturing, we also repair all makes and models of pool scrubbers. We stock a vast inventory of maintenance and replacement parts in our warehouse. At Meridian SubTek we have prided ourselves in making our equipment as environmentally friendly as possible. We have a battery powered scrubber in our product offering. We also offer the recycling of all brushes made by Meridian SubTek.

Our best attribute is customer service. We pride ourselves in satisfying our customer's needs. Whether by telephone, email or 24 hour cell phone, we are always there for our customers. Meridian SubTek is a proud member of IMATA and is an exhibitor at all of their national conventions.

The entire SubTek family is extremely proud of all of our equipment and services. Please know that when you purchase equipment from Meridian SubTek you are purchasing the finest underwater cleaning equipment available without exception.