• Powder coated aluminum frame.
  • Built in storage deck for scrubber.
  • Mobile Power Station is only 29 inches wide and will fit through a standard door frame.
  • 8” diameter stainless steel casters with rubber tires on delrin hubs.
  • 7.5 hp electric motor. Single or 3-phase motors are available in 60 Hz or 50 Hz.
    * We can match your power requirements.
  • Three piston positive displacement pump with internal recirculation valve.
  • Adjustable Unloader Valve.
  • Thermal Relief Valve.
  • High Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Automatic water shut-off for low/no water supply.
  • Demand start and stop. Unit starts when diver pulls scrubber handle. Unit stops 45 seconds after diver releases the scrubber handle.
  • Two stainless steel hose reels, each supplied with 100 feet of 1/4” I.D. high pressure hose (200 feet total). Stainless steel quick disconnects for all supply and return hoses.
  • All permanently mounted high pressure hoses are braided stainless steel.
  • Supply water filter—clear filter housing with 5 micron filter element.
  • All control circuits are low voltage (24VDC) to eliminate shock hazard.
  • Hour meter to track maintenance intervals.
  • Illuminated operator push buttons for start, stop, and low/no water pressure.
  • Waterproof electrical controls (NEMA 4X).
  • Ground Fault Interrupt circuitry (GFI) contained in the control panel.
  • 50 feet of electrical power cord with waterproof plug and receptacle.
  • Deluxe Mobile Power Station can be customized for institution’s special requirements.


  1. All power carts can be configured with a scrubhead for a turnkey system.
  2. We can match power requirements to suit your specific needs.