Save 180 gallons of water per hour and save the environment at the same time.

The Green Machine is a portable water supply unit that in conjunction with our power carts and scrubbers allows you to recirculate the supply water for the power cart. A single head water hydraulic scrubber flows approximately 4 gallons per minute while in operation. This is water that is vented into the water column or returned to a drain and wasted. Though some water is consumed during the scrubbing session, the Green Machine will eliminate the wasting of hundreds of gallons of water per hour. Check out the facts.

In an hour dive, a scrubber will be actually used for about 50 minutes. Let's look at the raw numbers.

4 gallons of water per minute times 50 minutes equals 200 gallons of water wasted.

The Green Machine needs only 26 gallons to fill the tank. During the one hour dive, the Green Machine will consume only 17 gallons of water. You will end the dive with 9 gallons still in the tank. This water can be saved for the next dive or can be used wherever fresh water is needed.

Your actual one hour water savings is 183 gallons per cleaning system.

If you clean every day, your water savings per week would be 915 gallons, with a yearly savings of 47,580 gallons (assuming that you only clean 5 days a week). This is a significant water savings considering that many institutions have to pay for water plus you are also conserving our planet's most precious natural resources.

Green Machine Features:

  • Works with all SubTek power carts.
  • Saves 180 gallons of water per hour.
  • Saves 47,580 gallons per year (assuming that you only clean 5 days a week).
  • Does not add any fresh water to your display.
  • Powder coated aluminum frame.
  • Foot brake.
  • The Green Machine is only 24 inches wide and will fit through a standard door frame.
  • 8" diameter aluminum casters with rubber tires.
  • 26 gallon blow molded water tank with 8 inch diameter vented lid.
  • Positive pressure non-priming demand pump.
  • Float switch to shut off pump in case of low/no water.
  • All piping is schedule 80 grey pvc.
  • Supply water filter—clear filter housing with 20 mesh filter element.
  • Quick disconnect fitting for scrubber return line.
  • Requires only 120 volt power.
  • Illuminated operator switch for start and stop.
  • Waterproof electrical controls (NEMA 4X).
  • Ground Fault Interrupt circuitry (GFI) contained in the control panel.
  • 50 feet of electrical power cord with waterproof plug and receptacle.
  • Deluxe Mobile Power Station can be customized for institution's special requirements.


  1. All power carts can be configured with a scrubhead for a turnkey system.
  2. We can match power requirements to suit your specific needs.